Success, I have learned, isn’t measured by specific moments in the spotlight. While that may be what we tightly intertwine with success, it isn’t what makes success. Success is a result of habit. Success is led by what you do everyday.

Motivation is fleeting. Yet what we show up to everyday, how we show up everyday, what we continually remind ourselves of is ultimately what makes us.

It can be a passion for a craft such as a harmonica—the patience it takes to teach yourself how to play it, to withstand the frustration that comes with just about any practice you’re trying to get better at. Some days, you’ll be open to learning. Some days, you’ll feel stuck and it will feel like you’re not getting any better anymore, yet you keep it inside your pocket, giving it a rest until you practice again.

It can be reminding yourself everyday of your passions. It can be in the form of a poster up above your wall or an ink on you skin. Some days, reminding yourself of your purpose proves to be difficult.

It can be keeping around keepsakes from your loved ones. They may not always be available to cheer you on 24/7 but keeping items they’ve given you is a great reminder of their love and support. Some days, that’s all you need.

We all need something to continue forward when the days get tough. And for us, we have quite a handful keepsakes. It’s what we do everyday. It’s what we look for, and keep around, that continues to inspire us.