They say birth always looks like death from the other side. This week, our team at Boldkick are covering—or should I say uncovering—the concept of a hero’s story. If you’ve been following us for quite a while, then you know that we are huge advocates of narratives. We love them, we live & breathe them, and we believe that everyone should see real value in them.

Uncovering the Narrative

Either as an individual or as a business, uncovering your own narrative is crucial both for self-awareness and branding. There is something deeply engaging with a story. It humanizes a business. It humanizes an illusion of a human, a façade filled with impressions and expectations. Your own hero’s story is your fuel.

Pursuing the Story

However, it really does need to get dark before a hero could emerge. It provides a stellar comparison that will further accentuate the magic that is your success. So don’t let it end in failure. A hero’s story teaches us to celebrate our milestones and keep it close when we’re hitting rough patches in our journey.

Unleashing the Hero

They remind us of our drive. So again: Don’t let it end in failure. What good would a story be if it would all end in tragedy? Imagine if the biggest start-ups didn’t try just one more time? Or if the heroes you put in a pedestal suddenly decided that they had had too much and that they just couldn’t take it anymore?

One day when you’re old and gray, you’ll be sitting by the window and you’ll be sharing your own story—the one where you channeled the hero in you. You may not have it now, but you surely have all the resources to write one.

Make sure it’s a damn good one.