I double tap Instagram! As a creative, its purpose for me is that it’s a platform to refresh my idea trunk by people from different fields all around the globe. The top accounts I follow are spirituality-related, fashion-related, and lastly—brand-related. These three things, to me, are enough to inspire me for the day without it exhausting me.

Let me be clear, not all companies or brands are inspiring. Some are really exhausting because they offer a predictable and stagnant theme of photos, tacky edits, or obvious stock photos, or something that’s too general it would show on Google’s top search. I like brands whose aesthetics are so distinct you wouldn’t even notice that they’re using Instagram as a marketing strategy.

And that’s the best way to market on Instagram! – or anywhere else for that matter.

You know what, here are a few things to consider when marketing on Instagram.

A killer first impression

A killer first impression would mean a flawless photo, a witty username, and a good bio. In Instagram, it’s all about aesthetic appeal and the first things that would pop out should you decide to follow people is your photo and your username. With the limited icon space for your photo, make sure that when you do use text, it’s big enough to be seen or noticed.

A corny username can be mistaken for a bot (clue: ignored), or won’t even urge your audience to take a second look at your profile. Make it witty and genuine, something close to your message. Your bio is your first chance to wow someone. Make sure it’s not something generic or cluttered. Emojis are fine, but don’t make it rain.

Decide on a vibe

Personal Instagram accounts really vary when it comes to their feed. On one row, you might see their pets, or their lunch, or their date. For brands, vibes need to be consistent. It may be your audience’s first time to hear about you, and why would they risk it with something they’re not sure what they’re gonna post next. Sticking to a certain vibe ensures your audience that once they follow you, they should expect a certain kind of feeling whenever they see your new posts.

Take original photos

While quality is highly valued on Instagram, so is message. Stock photos are just tacky – no matter the quality. It is devoid of a personality – one which you should proudly wave wherever you have the chance to. At this day and age, people can smell a stock photo when they see one. Just take SNL’s Instagram page, they’re not well framed or well filtered. But they give you a vibe of what they’re about and that’s what makes them worth a follow.

Say it visually

But don’t underestimate the power of a witty caption. For Instagram, caption is a second-tier concern. First tier is your visual appeal and what you can say with a photo. Most people would always scroll past your captions because what they’re looking for is a visual excitement.

Still, it’s always what you say – and how you say it you can always work out. Happy gramming!