We have driven past the golden billboard era. We are no longer in the place where consumers gravitate towards us because we flash the greatness of our brand in the biggest imaginable space right at the heart of traffic. What we have to say isn’t the only thing that matters, if it does at all. We can no longer captivate through a one-way sending stream. The time where consumers merely listen is done and over with.

About time, we say.

Welcome to the Human Era

Welcome to the place where you leave your brand’s self-importance at the door. This is the time of disillusionment where we get right at your core. Truth is, your visual aesthetic isn’t enough – no matter how sleek your logo is, or how well-lit your Instagram pictures are. What the audience wants is heart—a story that moves them, an anecdote that makes them laugh because “that’s so me!”, or a picture of a future that they would like to see.

Enrich your connection with your audience. Show them how human you are. It makes business easy on both ends, we tell you. The most important way to do that is through great copy. How else are you going to show your willingness to resonate if not through words? Here are a few things to remember to keep your human factor intact and your copy productive.


Say what you want to say without having to glaze it in so much honey because a) people will sense through the bull and b) confused customers are lost customers. Great copy is about capturing your audience’s attention in the shortest amount of time possible. Once they get what they want, they’ll definitely look if you have more to offer. And make sure you do!

Get Real

Never forget that you are talking to a bunch of people who are already willing to listen to what you have to say. Talk to them in the manner to which you talk to your friends because right now, that’s basically what they are. They have given you a portion of their time knowing that in one way or another, they’ll get something from it. It’s the most natural, effortless, and resonating manner to talk. Show them your personality without any apprehensions. It’s a truly refreshing sight.

Keep Open

Digital media allows an instant exchange of thought between product and consumer. As a product or service, reliability is key. Make sure to make your customers feel that you are open for dialogue by your manner of speaking or courage to ask for opinions. It makes everything more connected.


Evoke emotions and reactions from your audience – that is the greatest human factor. We are in an age information overload. Frankly, it’s not about what people say anymore but how they say it. Make sure you say it well. It’s always good to make the audience think about a concept or remind them of past experiences. Encourage them with possibilities and infect them with positivity.

Building a rapport with your audience shouldn’t be very trivial. After all, we are all humans. We just need to refresh ourselves on how we can fully communicate what we have to say. Say it with heart, and you’ve got most of it covered.