If you haven’t heard of the Pokémon Go craze yet—who are we kidding? That’s virtually impossible! Well, that is unless you’ve been hiding under a rock.

Pokémon Go is every 90s kid’s dream served up with a generous helping of whipped cream with the proverbial cherry on top! With this augmented reality app, people are now able to catch Pokémons IN REAL LIFE. Let those capital letters sink in and resonate with you for a while.

Augmenting Reality the Pokémon Way

The magic within the Pokémon realm can now be patterned to real life with Pokémon Go. By making using of your phone’s clock and GPS, the app makes monsters appear right at your location and all you gotta do is, well, catch ’em all! To get the most monsters, or Pokémon, you obviously need to get out of your seat and pretty much roam all over town.

The downside? Well, according to the prevailing word on the internet, Pokémon Go is fast becoming a mismanaged craze. It has even become quite the controversial item in the Middle East where it is deemed a threat to national security!

In Egypt, meanwhile, there is a heated debate that Pokémon Go is a major threat to national security. Ahmed Badawi, deputy head of the communication committee, urged Egyptian officials to consider banning the game because it allegedly exposes the country’s vital security sites to the world.

Hamdi Bakheet, a member of Egypt’s committee of defense and national security, told parliament:

Pokémon Go is the latest tool used by spy agencies in the intel war, a cunning despicable app that tries to infiltrate our communities in the most innocent way under the pretext of entertainment. But all they really want is to spy on people and the state.

Now that’s some conspiracy theory! Obviously, with the rising intensity and the demands of the game, people are raving about it online; some feeling proud, some getting competitive, while others even get to the point of buying and selling Pokémon Go accounts ahead in the game. Now that’s what we call dedication!

Merging the Past and Current Generations On the Go

Everyone—from 90s kids, to kids at heart, to today’s actual kids—is stirring up some interesting conversation through the emergence of Pokémon Go. If this leads to people getting detained because of trespassing on military bases, you have to know what is up. It’s one of those moments the world huddles around and talks about one common unifying phenomenon.

Suddenly, people from all walks of life are talking about which Pokémon they’ve caught, getting creative on social media about their Pokémon Go posts, and actually going out and about with friends to go Pokémon hunting. If you take in the good, you gotta take in the bad. The case for Pokémon Go is a subjective one. People definitely are going crazy about this game but it does push everyone into a new territory of conversation and innovation.

So there you have it. Catch one, catch all! For now, we’ve gotta park our pen ‘til the next blog post as there’s a Pikachu in the office and everyone’s just on the go & flexing their muscles just to be the one to catch it.