Get Visual

Life is an unending stream of possibilities and we all have one thing in mind: success.

You might be one small step away from total social media success, but the scary part is you just might stay there. That is until you learn to leverage visuals.

Do More Than Words to Make it Real


We’ll be talking about images, videos, GIFs—everything that speaks to people in ways words can’t! Sure, everyone loves written content but it’s only true to a certain extent. With the average person’s attention span being shorter than that of a mere toddler’s, we really need to get more done in as little time as possible.

Make Visual Habitual

You’re probably sabotaging your social media success by not making the most of your visual resources. That’s why Snapchat is so popular, Instagram now has stories, and Twitter is dying a slow and cruel death. Facebook thrives with all these elements in one nifty package and YouTube has been doing has been doing exceedingly well since the last time we talked.

Paint a Thousand Words

There are over a million ways to convey a message and it’s not only with words. If you’re quite hesitant, don’t jump in immediately. Feel it out and start with little elements such as being intentional about your cover photo or display pictures. Make sure you’re expressing the most of the medium that you already have.

What you’re doing wrong on social media is not leveraging your visual resources. So the next time you’re tempted to put up a black .jpeg file, or a half-assed photo choice, remember that a picture paints a thousand words, so it better not spell lousy a thousand times over.