This is no rah-rah post.

Okay, maybe slightly. But as we’re on the topic of creating your own hero’s story, we can’t fully cover this subject without touching on one vital aspect: failures.

Failures make every story human. On social media’s highlight reel, people always appreciate rawness. We’re not talking about cloying or the over-sharing of information, but a willingness to be vulnerable in the eyes of many. It’s charming at a certain level.

Failure & Inevitability: Crashing Without Burning

Failures usually are the markers to a great twist. It usually is the propeller to greatness. It becomes the cause of all victory. People who have failed, and failed forward at that, share the most inspiring hero stories.

Failing forward is a theme most common to industry giants. Of course failure is inevitable, but because the great men and women who live among us and those who have lived before us refused to be in the same place, we have great stories to tell.

Triumph & Indomitability: Rising from the Ashes

We know all about the failures of Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, heck—even JK Rowling. Every bright star is accompanied by a hero’s story that started with the decision that should they fail, they fail forward and take something from the experience.

So what does your own story sound like? Does it start with a resounding victory? Or does it begin humbly then slowly progresses into a pivotal moment of transformation and consecutive successes? Sharing your story to the rest of the world may leave you feeling naked, but these stories give you more depth. These stories connect you with other human beings with the same plot twists whose hopes also end with a happy ever after.

Go on and share them.