The first time I saw someone streaming through Facebook Live, I was at the backstage of a rave a few months ago.

There stood a girl talking to her phone as she was about to jump onstage to render a dance number. What I found so interesting was the fact that she wasn’t just taking a mere selfie or checking her reflection out. She was actually talking to her phone on what seemed like a streaming app. Later on, I found out that it was Facebook Live and realized that it would be the next big thing.

Going Social, Going Live

Social media platforms have gone on to become such a blessing to creatives and entrepreneurs alike as it allows them to reach a wider audience. But exactly what do you do with Facebook live? Facebook posts are pretty straightforward with photos and status updates. You can send out tweets as reminders and little calls to action. Instagram allows you to share what you’ve got visually. Snapchat is quirky. But Facebook Live? What exactly is there for you to do with a live streaming app?

Short & Sweet, Long & Thorough

After a little rumination, I came to realize that Facebook Live can be a powerful storytelling tool for you to share your journey with your followers & fans. The thing is, when we think of live streaming, we think of a long coverage of a football game or a boxing match. But live streaming can be quick & sweet or however long you want it to be.

Up Close & Personal

For creatives and entrepreneurs, Facebook Live is a great vessel to take your customers & fans behind the scenes for them to get up-close and see the intricacies of the work you so deeply love. It gives a more personal touch as well as an approachable medium to get to know you and your passion that much better.

Much like that girl backstage who was talking to her fans before she performed, it allows us to get connected to whoever’s on the other side on a more intimate level. And that, dear friends, is a very powerful form of engagement.