Our hero is now out to solve some puzzles.

From fighting off the robots, Bo has collected a hefty amount of memory cards without the slightest idea what to do with them. Is he just supposed to carry them around? Well, that’s not until he spots a series of numbers that look like IP addresses on the memory cards.

You know he has to find out what that means.

Unfortunately, his fighting skills alone won’t crack this particular case. He needs help. So he sets out to buy a tablet to decipher what to do with these cards. Sad thing is, even the shopkeeper turns out to be drunk on the Apathy vision! He sell slugs instead of tablets and our hero won’t take any of it.

Bo saves the shopkeeper’s life first by sparing him from turning into a small black chip and second by letting him see the truth. Bo liberates the shopkeeper from the illusion and the shopkeeper sees his town as for what it is – a slug fest.

Bo gets his hands on the tablet and sets out to figure out the rest of this story. Where will these cards take him?