Tattoos, to me, are fascinating. Ever since I was of legal age to get one, I took the opportunity in a heartbeat. While my parents were completely clueless of the big project about to happen, they knew something crazy was bound to occur anyway. Maybe not sooner than they expected, but eventually.

Of the three children that my parents nurture, they knew I was the crazy one. While I was special, I was also crazy. I was the youngest kid, a girl—yet the first one who left the nest. They knew they couldn’t contain me so they didn’t.

My second tattoo, my special memento, was a wildflower and a moon. Every time anyone asks what it means, I’d whisper “I’m a lunatic”.

To me, that’s what makes me enjoy life a little better. We’re all a little lunatic, some just embrace it more than others.

Embracing my lunacy allows me to appreciate my craft better. As a writer, it’s important to challenge whatever’s “set”, to introduce something offbeat or unexpected—and, well, what do I know?

What I’m sure of is that embracing your lunacy allows creativity to flourish and thrive. It allows new ideas to grow. And to me, that’s everything. So if you’re open to it, embrace your lunacy and embrace your creativity.