Don't Sell Yet!

Let’s talk about engagement.

It’s where everything starts. It’s the foundation upon which future business deals can flourish. Something as simple as a like or a comment could lead to a long-standing relationship. But it all starts with how you engage. Remember how first impressions last? Well, customers can often gauge within a few seconds whether they like you or not. So for your business’ sake, make those few seconds count—make a bold statement and create a lasting impression!

What Do We Want? Loyalty!

We all want loyal customers. More than that, we want customers who fully support our brand, our cause, and our products. Those are the reasons we engage them. We want to share that we care. We want to genuinely share the same interests that led us to connect with them to begin with. But of course, we always want to close a sale. It’s business, after all. Now you’re torn between engaging and selling.

When Do We Sell? Not Yet!

Before anything else, remember this: The # 1 rule is to not sell yet!

When it comes to engaging your customers, do not ever flat out sell right from the get-go. Engagement is all about trust; building it, nurturing it, growing it. And the thing is, even if your end goal is to close a sale, people don’t trust easily—especially when they hear about you for the very first time. In the same way that you won’t put all of your money on an investment you see for the first time (that is, unless you’re gambling), you won’t buy anything you’ve never heard of. You ask your friends’ opinions, you ask for facts, you ask for any more information you can gather to validate your decision whether to buy a product or not.

So when it comes to engagement, get to know your customers, find out their needs, try to answer their needs, and give them immeasurable value. Remember this: Value, always. Before you even think about selling, make sure you’re fostering a good relationship because once they become loyal customers, closing a sale won’t ever be as hard.