Don't Be Stale

Have you ever been a character in (or if you’re one of the lucky ones, just heard of) one of those tales of an awkward date? You know the one where the both of you just stop trying to get to know each other and you just (dramatic pause) shut up. You drag on through the whole night just waiting and hoping for an appropriate time to leave and just be done with it.

Well, social media is the uninterested date. If you don’t initiate, you don’t get anything back. And when you stop trying, that’s when it hits the fan.

So the question is this: Where do you begin?

If You’ve Got it, Show it!

Social media is all about imagery. What do you project? Sure, you’re probably a very interesting person, you’d have loads to talk about with people you want to connect with but if you don’t show that, you’re not going anywhere.

This is not a rom-com movie where I tell you that you just be yourself and express it.

Don’t Just Show it, Flaunt it!

It’s all about playing on your strengths. Share your hobbies, provide evidence of your interest, and make sure your image on social media is actually something worth engaging with. If not, then you have to ask yourself why you are even in this thing to begin with! Don’t be stale and add some flavor to your virtual presence.

I repeat, don’t be stale.

We all throw shade on plainness. Our idea of a dystopian future is one where we’re all the same—where we don’t want to be just another face in the crowd. Well, I’ve got a newsflash for you: The crowd is bigger on social media, so better bring out the big guns and work on that bio.