One powerful way to exercise the power of social connections online is to bring people together. Seth Godin calls it a tribe, a “group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea”

Man, the power of ideas. The power of an idea is beyond measure, and that it has the capacity to bring diverse people together. What it takes is something as simple as a thought or a belief that you swear by.

Becoming invested in an idea is simple but it isn’t easy. Sometimes you get lost, but you always need to find your way back. People are drawn to other people who makes them feel less alone in their thoughts and beliefs, and it spills out through the little things. What you might consider as a small concern can actually become a powerful force to connect you to a multitude of individuals.

In this age, we can turn to virtual mentors, virtual classmates, virtual friends, who you might not even meet in real life. But because of the hyperconnectivity we all get to experience, it becomes possible. Information is transferred faster, feedback reaches quicker, and that ideas are developed exponentially.

All it takes is a willingness to connect a few people together, bring them closer by the same value, and observe as it multiplies a hundredfold.

Your tribe will help your message reach people you wouldn’t be able to reach alone, not even if you tried very hard. Thank your tribes, and continue to share the same vision.