Connecting People Together

One powerful way to exercise the power of social connections online is to bring people together. Seth Godin calls it a tribe, a “group of people connected to one another, connected

Let’s Talk About Trust

We are in the business of content. We are in the business of engaging people into listening to what we have to say. We share our stories, hoping they ring true to

22 Underrated Internet Acronyms

We are fascinated with everything instantaneous. So much so, that we choose to cut our phrases short and turn them into acronyms. Maybe for convenience, or maybe we’ve become too lazy.

What we can learn from kids

The adult world sure is awesome. We’re empowered to do the things we’ve always wanted, with little to no supervision, ensured by the sense of fulfillment when you’re through with

We’re Hiring!

Gosh, things are moving way too fast for us here at Boldkick. That said, we found ourselves with way too much work and not enough time for all these responsibilities. We’re

We Put the Motion in Emotion

We’ve got the case of major feels recently. Not just us here at Boldkick—like literally all of us on the Internet. It’s like one day we decided to share our

Reading Spaces: If Heaven Was a Place on Earth

We deeply believe that creatives thrive on solitude. The greatest artists this Earth has known prescribes solitude like a drug. They’re absolutely right, though. Our brains are always on overdrive so a time

The Power of Humour

In content marketing, what we’re after is engagement. The clearer the message, the better. The more resonant, the more captivating. The more straightforward, the smoother the message flows from medium to

The Charm of Story-telling

Human beings are wired to story telling. We like hearing stories, we like telling them. It’s how we make sense of the world we live in. We trace back to the

Your brand’s voice

Now that we’re settled on matters regarding human connection as the language we speak in this virtual space—also that content is king—let us now take this discussion up a notch.

The Value of Giving Value

In this age when connection is currency and content is the name of the game, you have to go the extra mile to hook your audience and keep them interested.

Reach, Engagement, and Sentiment: Metrics of Social Media Success

What are the heights and depths of social media? Of course, it’s an incredibly powerful business tool. A long list of metrics have been theorized to be key measurements of

The Only Way You Should Be Marketing

That’s Right, There’s Only One Way: With Authenticity! That is, of course, if you want to stay in the game. In this age where content is literally everywhere, we only

The Magic of Community

In the age of social connectivity, what makes a brand powerful is its ability to find and cultivate a community. Nowadays, the power of a message is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

10 Beautiful Acts of Humanity that Happened on the Internet

The Internet, when used appropriately, can become the most non-divisive tool in the world. It can bring people together to fulfill a mission or to just help someone in need.

Human Connection: The Secret to Great Copy

We have driven past the golden billboard era. We are no longer in the place where consumers gravitate towards us because we flash the greatness of our brand in the

Why Personalized Content Matters

We are Inundated by Media Every Day Because we have easy access to everything, we are inundated with choices, with decisions, with whatever new trend is happening. It’s both empowering