What we can learn about water

“As in nature, all is ebb and tide, all is wave motion, so it seems that in all branches of industry, alternating currents—electric wave motion—will have the sway.” – Nikola

Dreaming is free, so dream big

I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring. – David Bowie The importance of hope What’s the most detrimental thing to happen to anyone?

The Danger of Art—Daring to Dare

Growing up, I overheard the following quote: “what lies between where you are and where you want to be is your comfort zone”, or fear, or taking a risk—something along

Personal Influence, Global Change

What does your ideal world look like? For the dreamers and the shakers, their ideal world is about change. If you think about it, there are a lot of things

Social Media Influencers: The Voice of your Brand

Although you can spend hours and hours optimizing your sites and blogs, sometimes it just ain’t enough. Humanizing your brand goes well beyond what you say on your social media accounts and

The Power of Emotional Appeal

Everyday, something new is showing up with better specs, performing better, making your life easier, getting work done faster. It’s a given that life will progress exponentially with the booming of

How to boost your social media presence

Social media presence can be tricky especially when you’re managing branding which is not yours. But there’s a way around it. We all want to boost our social media presence

Amazon’s Big Secret: Why It Is Actually a Social Media Site

It’s probably the last thing you think about before going to bed, but have you ever thought about how Amazon actually is a social media platform? First, we’ve touched up briefly

7 Cool Ways to Do Effective Twitter Marketing

Of all social media platforms, Twitter probably is the most instantaneous of all. With 140 characters to utilize, and a message that will breeze through your follower’s feed, there should be

Social Media Subculture: Vaporwave

Social media has become a sort of digital coffee shop, in my opinion. It has become a platform where people are able to brew their ideas together and give birth to

Why geo-specific search on Twitter matters for keywords

The importance of social media to businesses should not be ignored. In an especially fast-paced platform like Twitter, we need to maximize our resources to attract and engage our audience.

Blast from the Past: IRC

Internet Relay Chat, or otherwise known as the IRC, is the old school chat we now know it to be. Or at least that’s how I understand it. IRC –

Why plain text on social media no longer works

Social media is an ever-evolving life force. Yes, it has become a life force of its own. It’s constantly changing, reflecting the dynamic need of the people using it. That

Instagram Marketing: Nailing it With Visual Content

I double tap Instagram! As a creative, its purpose for me is that it’s a platform to refresh my idea trunk by people from different fields all around the globe.

Conversation is the Internet’s killer app

Tracing back to the history of the Internet, Google leads you to this: “In 1973, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) initiated a research program to investigate techniques

Why Pigs Get Slaughtered: Saturation and Overkill Aren’t Good For Business

Do you have that one friend on social media who over-shares to the point that it becomes annoying? I do, and i’ve muted that person and regained my peace. As

The most important metric that Google Analytics doesn’t measure

We’re all thankful for Google Analytics, aren’t we? They say we cannot understand what we can’t measure and this magnificent tool allows us to understand who we’re talking to and

Get to Know Dave Olson: A Glimpse of Uncle Weed’s World Full of Passion

Get to Know Dave Olson: A Glimpse of Uncle Weed's World Full of PassionRaised on a diet of hockey, punk rock, and fanzines, Dave “Uncle Weed” Olson has been writing

Our Exceptional Social Media Camp 2016 Experience: Learning New Strategies, Sharing Ideas, and Eating Twitter Cookies!

Social media camp was a blast, to say the least. It’s been a couple of learning new techniques, insights, and strategies – that and a lot of energy, too. Social

Boldkick at Social Media Camp

Something good is happening! Social Media Camp! If you aren’t familiar with what Social Media Camp is, We are Social Media Camp – Canada’s largest social media conference. What makes

What makes Facebook so addictive?

I was catching up with a friend earlier this week over coffee. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this friend who we’ll call Junkie and catching up is

The Lowdown on Compelling Content

We’ve already covered the notion that in order to create content that a reader would stick through to the end, consume, and make it known to others, one should appeal

New Web Design Trends in 2015 year

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Hipster’s Style in Web Design and Logo

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Web Design Trends in 2015 year

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Types of Social Media Users

I’ve surveyed around the internet, looking for how others classify the types of social media users online. Some say there’s 12, 6, or 4. Well we can come up with

The Era of Personal Branding

Every couple of months or weeks – depending on my brain’s creative drive, I feel the urge to update my social media profiles. Much like spring cleaning – only more frequent.

The Psychology of Colors

When we talk about marketing or reaching out to a vast amount of people in a digital space, we don’t only consider what we want to say in terms of

The next generation of coders

Tech is getting more advanced by the day—scratch that, by the minute. It’s both an alarming and a proud moment. We’ve come so far as a species. The concepts we

Make it viral, make it happy

Viral social media content. How often do you find yourself lured into hours and hours of scrolling through your Facebook news feed, Twitter timelines, or Instagram feeds, almost missing on