The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point"The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. Just as a single sick person

The “Who” of Your Business

The ``Who`` of Your BusinessWhat makes a successful company are the people behind it. Behind the illusion of one solid entity are individual beliefs and motivations. Inevitably, some stand out

The “Why” of Your Business

The ``Why`` of Your BusinessPersonal development coaches, self-help books, your shrink, or even your mother all know that the secret to an on-point strategy is knowing and understanding your why.

Milestones: From the Daily Grind to Everything in Between

Milestones: From the Daily Grind to Everything in BetweenMilestone setting is a conflicting subject for most. Do we make long term plans or do we simply live in the moment?

Bo Comics Episode IX

Our hero has a newfound following, all thanks to his steadily-gained influence. Bing, the shopkeeper, has brought him more traction than he had anticipated—much to his surprise! Never sidetracked when

Bo Comics VIII

Last episode, our hero Bo seemed haplessly stuck in yet another predicament. With enormous creepy crawlers out to get him, he quickly ran out of options and things started to

Bo Comics Episode VII

With his tablet in hand, Bo starts his quest to find out where the addresses lead to. He needs to complete this puzzle once and for all and save the human

Jumping on the Live Video Bandwagon

Twitter launched Periscope. YouTube now has a livestream feature. Snapchat is still booming. Facebook live was conceived. And Instagram? It got updated with Instagram Stories. Everyone seems to be jumping

Bo Comics Episode VI

On the way to seek for answers, Bo heads to the marketplace to purchase a tablet. All he has as of this moment are memory cards with IP addresses. He’s

Facebook Live: Sharing the Creative Process

The first time I saw someone streaming through Facebook Live, I was at the backstage of a rave a few months ago. There stood a girl talking to her phone

Pokémon Go and Privacy

  The sensation that is Pokémon Go is said to be not all fun and games. While it sure is fun to go Pokémon hunting in the hopes of being

Virtual vs. Augmented: A Battle of Realities

Virtual reality & augmented reality, however similar, are actually two different concepts altogether. Although they both let us experience a different kind of reality—one that is very much different from

Episode V

Our hero is now out to solve some puzzles. From fighting off the robots, Bo has collected a hefty amount of memory cards without the slightest idea what to do

Gotta Catch the Pokémon Go Craze

If you haven’t heard of the Pokémon Go craze yet—who are we kidding? That’s virtually impossible! Well, that is unless you’ve been hiding under a rock. Pokémon Go is every

The Power of Spirit

Creative beings live for inspiration. Inspiration breathes life into our souls, created from the very depths of our existence. The word “inspire” came first from the Old French inspiracion meaning

Social Media Subculture: Vaporwave

Social media has become a sort of digital coffee shop, in my opinion. It has become a platform where people are able to brew their ideas together and give birth to

Blast from the Past: IRC

Internet Relay Chat, or otherwise known as the IRC, is the old school chat we now know it to be. Or at least that’s how I understand it. IRC –

What makes Facebook so addictive?

I was catching up with a friend earlier this week over coffee. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this friend who we’ll call Junkie and catching up is

Types of Social Media Users

I’ve surveyed around the internet, looking for how others classify the types of social media users online. Some say there’s 12, 6, or 4. Well we can come up with

22 Underrated Internet Acronyms

We are fascinated with everything instantaneous. So much so, that we choose to cut our phrases short and turn them into acronyms. Maybe for convenience, or maybe we’ve become too lazy.

10 Beautiful Acts of Humanity that Happened on the Internet

The Internet, when used appropriately, can become the most non-divisive tool in the world. It can bring people together to fulfill a mission or to just help someone in need.