Recreating Your Stories

Recreating Your StoriesJust as we connect the dots between the different elements at present, create a story and call it reality, we become authors of our lives. As authors, we must

Timing is Everything

Timing is EverythingIn business and life in general, there is one variable that could potentially fuel or mess up even the best laid plans: timing. Too Soon, Too Late? Harvesting

The “Why” of Your Business

The ``Why`` of Your BusinessPersonal development coaches, self-help books, your shrink, or even your mother all know that the secret to an on-point strategy is knowing and understanding your why.

Social Media Meets Virtual Reality

Social Media Meets Virtual RealityWe have been flirting with the idea of a future in a virtual world. How do you think social media would fair in virtual reality? Way

Social Media: The Digital Sandbox

Social Media: The Digital SandboxChildren’s imaginations are just like wild horses. They run free, fast, and with such conviction that you would have to have something short of a death

Between a Rock and A Hard Place: Social Media and How it Shapes the Prevailing Culture

Between a Rock and A Hard Place: Social Media and How it Shapes the Prevailing CultureSensationalism and desensitization. Sensationalism or to sensationalise is exactly how it sounds like. If your

Let’s talk about trust – again

Let's talk about trust - againThere are rules that you can follow whenever it’s convenient and there are rules that are so absolute, you need to abide by them every

Get Visual

Get VisualLife is an unending stream of possibilities and we all have one thing in mind: success. You might be one small step away from total social media success, but

Branding is Key

Branding is KeyWhile there’s no mistaking that words are utterly powerful, we communicate in an alternative way that is relatively neglected in contrast to the use of verbal language—and those

Sentiment and Vulnerability

Sentiment and VulnerabilityEveryone has a vulnerable spot. No matter how hard we try to keep up a façade and put on an armor of invincibility, we have it. I have

The Common Goal

The Common GoalChange. It's one thing that brings us all together. As creatures of growth, we yearn to separate ourselves from whatever came before us. We always look for the

Maybe Engagement is What You Lack

Maybe Engagement is What You LackEach business chases after customer loyalty. For sure, you want to make a product that people will come back for again and again… and again—and

Social Awareness

Social AwarenessDo you see yourself in the same way that others see you? As Inside & So Too Outside That's the ratio for happiness and satisfaction, isn't it? They say

Man, Know Thyself

Man, Know Thyself"Man, know thyself." The Greeks were a bunch of wise folks and they sure told the truth. In order to uncover the greatness that awaits, one must know

When to back off- how to know if you’re overdoing your engagement

When to back off- how to know if you're overdoing your engagementYou know it’s all about the numbers—or is it? We want you to be at the top of your

Don’t Sell Yet!

Don't Sell Yet!Let’s talk about engagement. It’s where everything starts. It’s the foundation upon which future business deals can flourish. Something as simple as a like or a comment could

It Doesn’t End with Failure

They say birth always looks like death from the other side. This week, our team at Boldkick are covering—or should I say uncovering—the concept of a hero’s story. If you’ve been

Awesome Links This Week!

Influence, influencer, influence marketing! The struggle of becoming influential in the social media space is real. That’s something only the truly brave survives. This week we’ve tackled the concept of

Beneath the Follower Count: Do Influencers Really Deliver?

The word ‘Influencer’ has been thrown around rather carelessly in the social media sphere. Since the trend of influencer marketing was picked up a few years ago, the number of

Awesome Links this Week!

This week, we explored who we are on social media and the selves we portray. Luckily, we’re not the only ones talking about it! So we proceeded to scour the

Your Social Media Self

I’d like to think of social media as a tool to extend who I am as a person, as a highlight reel, or even a portfolio. I like to make

What Your Feed Says About You

Tailored content is now a path to self-mastery, says TIME magazine. Just kidding! TIME didn’t say that but I wish they did. From Social Decisions The little cookie crumbs you

Awesome Links This Week

This week we’ve kept our ears out for news about live video streaming all over the internet. We’ve gathered a few and hope you check them out! Just like TV

Pokémon Go and Privacy

  The sensation that is Pokémon Go is said to be not all fun and games. While it sure is fun to go Pokémon hunting in the hopes of being

Awesome Links Last Week!

This week we’ve gathered round a few links for you to enjoy! Tell us what you think and let us know once you’ve seen them. How Social Media is Shaping

People Don’t Want to Buy a Product, They Want to Join A Cause

If there’s one word you can use to describe water, it’s versatile. You can have it bottled, flavored, carbonated—you name it! Even the most basic of commodities has had the

The Building Blocks of Community

Now that you’ve started a conversation between individuals, it is time to take it to the next level—community! But before you do so, you need to understand this one simple

Our Kung Fu Edge

Edge can mean a lot of things, but it’s an umbrella term to set you apart from everyone else. Edge is something that we like to revisit again and again.

What Can You Offer The World?

It takes a certain amount of self-awareness to tune in to your superpower. It takes a certain kind of courage and vulnerability to assess both the bad and the good.

Personal Influence, Global Change

What does your ideal world look like? For the dreamers and the shakers, their ideal world is about change. If you think about it, there are a lot of things