Branding is Key

While there’s no mistaking that words are utterly powerful, we communicate in an alternative way that is relatively neglected in contrast to the use of verbal language—and those are through symbols. The use of colors, logos, shapes, and others are collectively more powerful than words, which is precisely why it’s important to leverage this skill.

Making a Splash

I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to be arresting to people, to have a level of impact that, even before I even get the chance to speak, captures one’s attention completely. You can say that it calls to my ego, but I want to own it—even for just a brief moment. What comprises that impression is a science of carefully placed symbols that ease together seamlessly to form a unified image.

That, my friend, is branding.

Taking a Chance

You can talk yourself out of it and justify your cowardice for self-esteem, but the honest-to-goodness truth is that those who refuse to care about image and branding are in denial of its power. Remember, indifference is also an image. This is a game that doesn’t choose its players. Everyone has to throw the dice. To stand a chance, one must approach the game with intention.

Whether you stay put or you start moving, you are reinforcing a brand—so why not proactively choose the script you want to broadcast?

Projecting an Image

To the voice saying, “I don’t really care what other people think” or “Whatever! I’m just going to be myself”, here’s what I have to say: I’m not really asking you to reach outside your resources, to pull out wit, creativity, confidence, out of a rabbit’s hole—they’re already in you. I’m just asking you rediscover them, choose what benefits you, and consolidate that image to one that feels right.

People communicate through symbols. Just as you choose a language to be understood, refine this language you’ve possibly been neglecting for way too long.