Do you need a winning social media strategy?

Do you want to build a compelling social media presence?


There are a million and one ways to maneuver social media, and it may be hard to find ways that work for you. Don’t get lost in flash-in-the-pan trends. We say get rooted in the essential. Come back to the over-arching why of social media.

We are a team of talented creatives that are committed to driving your brand forward. However, we first want to make sure the driver’s seat is warm and ready. Sure, we’ve got the tools to build your social media, but do you have the blueprint?

With Boldkick, we want you to get your social media strategy in order first. The rest is the execution of your grand plan.


Boldkick offers hands-on coaching to help you develop a winning social media strategy. We’re all about rediscovering your values, priorities, and strengths. With our vast experience leveraging social media to build great companies, we can help you build a winning plan that’s tuned to your business, and most especially – to your cause.

Let’s consider how your core value proposition applies to social media. Having a look at your current interactions with customers is important for great results.

  1. Awareness is all about discovering what else you can leverage aside from your existing resources.
  2. Engagement is the main component of what makes social, social is engagement. Together, we devise a strategy that’s fit to your intentions in order to reap effective results.
  3. Community is the lifeblood of any brand. Forming and finding a community is the key to successful customer reach.
  4. Conversion is the measure of commitment. Boldkick walks you through a step-by-step approach into forming a reliable bond between you and your customers.
  5. Sentiment is the key factor to brand growth. Establishing a feedback loop will predict your forward-looking social media growth.

By taking this strategic step-by-step approach, you’ll set yourself up on a steady path towards a formidable social media presence – one with a rock-solid foundation where business can flourish.


Whether on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or elsewhere, social media requires a uniform brand identity and style that aligns with your company’s core message. Boldkick offers style guides and brand assets that consistently explains your company’s value in a way that takes advantage of each social media platform’s strengths.


We believe great content provokes great conversation. At Boldkick, we build compelling content, we build weekly reports that gauges social effectiveness. Effective social media requires great listening, which likewise requires building an audience that loves your work.