Last episode, our hero Bo seemed haplessly stuck in yet another predicament. With enormous creepy crawlers out to get him, he quickly ran out of options and things started to get rather bleak in that deep, dark tunnel. Thankfully, our hero had the presence of mind to open up a live video which in turn allowed Bing to see all of the action!

Lo and behold! The fanboy shopkeeper from the past episodes suddenly becomes Bo’s unexpected savior. He urges the townspeople to give Bo a hand. While doing so, he saves the townspeople from being further blinded by the warped, twisted reality brought about by Apathy Company’s VR devices. With the goggles out of the way, the townspeople finally see the real world for what it truly is and become aware of the giant spiders & slugs that are out to get them all!

Seeing that our hero is in dire need of help, they channel the heroes within them, hurriedly lend a hand, save Bo, and subsequently save the day!