With his tablet in hand, Bo starts his quest to find out where the addresses lead to. He needs to complete this puzzle once and for all and save the human race from the ever-ominous apathy. He trudges down an off-beat path. As he walks however, he senses that he isn’t alone. Nothing to worry about, he thinks. He’s beaten monkeys, robots and all types of monsters, after all. He can handle it. So he shrugs it off and pushes on.

He proceeds with caution until his tablet lights up. The shopkeeper has sent him a friend request! In a heartbeat, Bo approves the shopkeeper’s friend invite. Distracted with his new virtual friend, Bo fails to notice a ditch waiting for him up ahead. He plunges deep into the darkness.

Unsure of what awaits, Bo opens live video streaming from his tablet just to be on the safe side. From the faint glow of his screen, Bo catches a glimpse of his next opponent—one humongous spider! Bo channels his inner warrior and proceeds to fight off the giant while all the action is captured on live video.

As Bing watches this stream from his own device, he sees that the giant spider isn’t alone. To Bo’s surprise, this gang of spiders is too much for him to handle. What awaits our hero? Will he ever complete this quest or will he end up as an unwilling “blood donor” for this cluster of gargantuan spiders?

Tune in to our next episode to know!