On the way to seek for answers, Bo heads to the marketplace to purchase a tablet. All he has as of this moment are memory cards with IP addresses. He’s sure they lead to something—he just isn’t sure where! He approaches a stall. However, the shopkeeper, trapped in a deeply augmented reality, isn’t much help at all as the tablets he thinks he’s selling are actually slugs! Left with no choice, Bo swiftly removes the goggles from the shopkeeper’s eyes revealing the nasty, slimy truth.

Awed and overwhelmed, the shopkeeper thanks Bo for saving his life. Seeing this, the slug, operated by Apathy Co., tries to snag the shopkeeper’s soul but Bo saves the shopkeeper just in the nick of time—thanks to his lightning reflexes and awesome Kung Fu skills. The shopkeeper then becomes even more indebted to Bo.

Dead-set on finding where the addresses lead to, Bo becomes very adamant that he get his tablet—pronto. The shopkeeper enthusiastically grants Bo’s request and he promptly leaves to fulfill his mission.

Will he come to the right place? And if so, what surprises await him along the way? Well, you’ll just have to wait and find out. Check in again next week to join our ever-courageous hero as he continues on his mysterious journey!