Our hero has a newfound following, all thanks to his steadily-gained influence. Bing, the shopkeeper, has brought him more traction than he had anticipated—much to his surprise!

Never sidetracked when it comes to his missions, the celebration is cut short as the tablet notifies Bo that one of the IP addresses has been found. The first location has been detected and Bo is eager to start his journey right away.

He bids the townspeople adieu, explaining that he has more people to save and more adventures to embark on. He promptly leaves to traverse forests, rivers, and deserts, before finally arriving at his first destination.

He finds himself on the entrance of a theme park of some sort. Amid the inviting façade, something’s amiss—everything seems stand-offish. Bo doesn’t get much time to contemplate this though as he is suddenly greeted by a tall jester. Is the theme park really a place to hide all those trapped souls?

Tune in to next week’s episode to find out!