The word ‘Influencer’ has been thrown around rather carelessly in the social media sphere. Since the trend of influencer marketing was picked up a few years ago, the number of aspiring influencers has steadily risen. And it is still rising by the minute!

Defining the Influencer

What does it take to be an influencer? From the outsider perspective, one would reduce it to a certain aesthetic appeal or follower count. But really, being an influencer means so much more than that. Being an influencer means being a leader of a community—one who sparks discussion and leads people towards making a decision that benefits him/her and/or other people as well.

Delivering the Goods

This seemingly convenient job is pretty attractive to any sane person. Your office is anywhere you feel like setting down your laptop on and you always seem to do fun things with fun brands and fun people. With the overwhelming volume of aspiring influencers, are there still enough customers? And more importantly, do these influencers really deliver?

Connecting with People

At this point, let’s just accept that it’s become a noisy, noisy, noisy world. From real life traffic to content overload, it can really be too much to take in. However, what remains constantly competitive is the level of trust we form with certain people and brands. Our emotions, what drives us to certain decisions and purchasing, is the target of everything and everyone. What makes influencers highly effective? They connect to us on a human level that no copy ever could. They give a face and a level of usability to any product that connects to us on a more compelling approach.

Yes, influencers will always deliver. Always have – from classic commercials with our favorite celebrities, it will always work. It’s just like getting a recommendation from a trusted friend, sister, or neighbor. Now it’s only a matter of quality and niche that we need a little more discernment.