We’d like to let you in on who we are

What does Boldkick stand for? What drives us to do what we do?

This week, our team got to talking about memorable momentoes in our life. Our CEO, Chris, has had some interesting things to share.

All that Boldkick has been doing with social media, marketing—everything internet—started with the  telephone jack.

For those fortunate to witness the initial stages of the superpower we call the internet, we don’t first remember it as the fiber fast connection that comes with a sleek router. If you’re over the age of 30, your first memory was a slow inconvenient thing that cut off your telephone connection for as long as it was used. The internet that we know today has come very far.

For Chris, it was no different.

In the beginning

It’s such a privilege to be present during the initial stages of anything that ends up becoming huge. It’s like witnessing the birth of rock n’ roll.

And that’s what it really was like. Hearing the whirring sounds of the modem connection in 1990 was like hearing Chuck Berry play “Johnny B. Goode” on Ed Sullivan in 1958. But more monumental.

You see, while rock n’ roll may last for a few more decades—perhaps we’re witnessing its decline—the Internet will last for a hundred. And we have yet to truly understand its impact on culture.

Bleeps and blurps

Before everything went boom, it started with the painful chore of having your 2800 baud modem literally dialling into a server, waiting for the answer, then hearing the bleeps and bloops as confirmation that everything was good to go.

It sounded like this this.

This sound wasn’t quite rock n’ roll, but it was more revolutionary. It was the literal sound of information travelling through wires.

Then with better speeds, bandwidth, and mobility, the Internet became more social. It allowed us to upload selfies from our smartphones. It allowed us to attend concerts and share the video with our friends.

But let’s not forget what originally started it all: the telephone wire. It’s the telephone wire that allowed us to transmit our very ideas across large swathes of distance.