We’re taking reality to whole new heights this week as we talk about augmented reality! It’s a topic that gets more and more interesting as we dive deeper into its possibilities and current uses.

Augmented reality is more than entertainment. While Pokémon Go certainly made the whole concept more exciting and relatable, augmented reality might mark the next era. We’ve found two videos for you to enjoy while you join us as we dive deeper into the augmented reality discussion.


First is a short film by Keiichi Matsuda titled Hyper-Reality. In this kickstarter project, he re-imagines a world where augmented reality becomes embedded in our daily lives, almost to the point of dependence. You will see how our identities become so tied in with augmented reality as it shows a striking comparison between the real world and the augmented one.

The next one is a TED talk by Meron Gribetz. Meron is well-versed in computer science and neuroscience which makes him the perfect man to develop an augmented reality headset. In the talk, he elaborates on his project with augmented reality, emphasizing that the future is here.

It’s an interesting world of innovation and surprises. The future is here and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for businesses, creatives, and the rest of the world.