This week, we explored who we are on social media and the selves we portray. Luckily, we’re not the only ones talking about it! So we proceeded to scour the internet for the most interesting ones and here’s what we came up with for your reading pleasure!

  • Hypothetically, if you were to become a social media platform, which would you be? Take this quiz to find out!
  • Let’s shift gears for a moment and get existential. The social media effect: Are you really who you portray online? The answer might surprise you!
  • It’s time for a quick self-evaluation! Are you a social media narcissist:
  • In the unending battle of self, you need to ask: Is your social media self who you really are?
  • Follower count is a glaring social media metric. Learn why nobody follows you on social media:

And that wraps up our weekly list of awesome links you should be checking out! Let us know your thoughts!