This week we’ve kept our ears out for news about live video streaming all over the internet. We’ve gathered a few and hope you check them out!

  1. Just like TV commercials
    • Much like TV commercials, Facebook is now testing 15 seconder ads to insert in live streams. Yay or nay?
  2. Live Stream Video Marketing
    • Of course marketers picked up on this trend! Marketing for live stream video? There’s plenty of ways to go about it.
  3. Live Stream for Growth
    • How can you leverage live streaming for growth?
  4. Come one, come all
    • You’ve got it all in livestream – the professional, the casual, and the downright mundane. Check it out here
  5. Perseid Meteor Shower
    • You may now catch one of the most astrologically magnificent happenings on the planet right on your smartphones. Streaming the Perseid Meteor Shower? Now possible

The path to self-discovery is often a long and winding one. And what of our social media selves? Well, good luck with that! Hopefully with these awesome links for the week, that crooked path will get a little bit straighter and easier to tread on. Good luck and happy reading!