The Power of Listening

I often get asked by organizations what they should do on social media. Developing a great social media strategy can’t be condensed with a ready made answer. It requires planning.

The Human Serviette

In 1998, my sister invited me to a party in North Vancouver. Her husband has played in a variety of Vancouver indie rock bands. As a result, he built friendships

Why are we throwing a tea party?

We love tea, and tea is meant to be shared with friends. To give a more detailed explanation on why we’re throwing a tea party, we need to give some

Yes, We Did a Website Re-Design

First, an explanation of where we’ve been these past few months. In January, our family went to Japan. Nobody intended to work. In fact, that was one of the rules.

Recreating Your Stories

Recreating Your StoriesJust as we connect the dots between the different elements at present, create a story and call it reality, we become authors of our lives. As authors, we must

The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point"The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. Just as a single sick person

Timing is Everything

Timing is EverythingIn business and life in general, there is one variable that could potentially fuel or mess up even the best laid plans: timing. Too Soon, Too Late? Harvesting

The “Who” of Your Business

The ``Who`` of Your BusinessWhat makes a successful company are the people behind it. Behind the illusion of one solid entity are individual beliefs and motivations. Inevitably, some stand out

The “Where” of Your Business

The ``Where`` of Your BusinessThe steady 9-5 office job is old news. We have taken the conventional work hours and dissected it to extract the key components. Freelancing and virtual

The “Why” of Your Business

The ``Why`` of Your BusinessPersonal development coaches, self-help books, your shrink, or even your mother all know that the secret to an on-point strategy is knowing and understanding your why.

Social Media Meets Virtual Reality

Social Media Meets Virtual RealityWe have been flirting with the idea of a future in a virtual world. How do you think social media would fair in virtual reality? Way

Social Media: The Digital Sandbox

Social Media: The Digital SandboxChildren’s imaginations are just like wild horses. They run free, fast, and with such conviction that you would have to have something short of a death

Between a Rock and A Hard Place: Social Media and How it Shapes the Prevailing Culture

Between a Rock and A Hard Place: Social Media and How it Shapes the Prevailing CultureSensationalism and desensitization. Sensationalism or to sensationalise is exactly how it sounds like. If your

Milestones: From the Daily Grind to Everything in Between

Milestones: From the Daily Grind to Everything in BetweenMilestone setting is a conflicting subject for most. Do we make long term plans or do we simply live in the moment?