It’s probably the last thing you think about before going to bed, but have you ever thought about how Amazon actually is a social media platform?

First, we’ve touched up briefly on what social media really is — social media is an act and an intention. It’s a conversation, it’s the act of communication within a social, digital space.

And where you do it? That’s the platform. The common misconception is that  social media is the Instagram hearts, the Twitter retweets, the Facebook likes.

What it really is? The conversation.

So how does Amazon—an e-commerce platform—become a social media platform? No matter how much faith we’ve put into online purchases nowadays, we still need a second opinion—just as how we take second opinions of health concerns with other doctors. (Yes, I just compared your purchases to your mortality.) We safeguard every penny we spend and we make sure that it goes to trustworthy products.

But then what makes it trustworthy? I’ll give you a clue: advertising is the last on the list. Just as you would ask an expert opinion on making any major purchase, you ask someone else how it fared for them.

You guessed it, I’m talking about reviews. The review section becomes a social media platform for anyone who is thinking about making a purchase through Amazon. It’s the place to check if you’re making the right decision and you entrust that power partly with strangers who you think might know what they’re talking about.

It’s even the first thing you look at for any given item! You ask your friends anything and everything on Facebook to get a response—you can do the same with Amazon!

So is Amazon a social media platform? Yes, yes, and yes!