About Us


Boldkick is about using social media in the most strategic manner to build lasting human relationships. Simplicity works best and our premise is likewise simple: the Internet should make us more human, not less. We want to help you remove the barriers between authentic human interactions.


We tell your story using social media. We discuss, formulate, and implement decisive strategies to help you build real human-to-human interactions. Our aim is to have you thrill and delight your audience, as well as help you explain your unique cause. We build social media strategies that build enduring personal connections.


We believe that it’s all about you. What makes us unique is your own unique story. As storytellers take pleasure in the telling of tales, so too do we revel in explaining your brand’s unique journey. Compelling social media is about sharing your special social cause with the world.

Christopher Trottier


In 2009, I joined a creative agency as an intern. My first job there was to build the social media strategy for a company side project. Eventually, that side project became known as Hootsuite, and I joined Hootsuite as the 8th employee — and helped build it into a $1 billion company by valuation.

After a 7 year stint building Hootsuite, I decided to strike out and create something from scratch. I founded Boldkick to pursue an idea: creating digital strategies built on brands’ unique stories and social causes.

Boldkick is about helping companies create real human connections. After all, every business is built upon the foundation of solid relationships.