Of all social media platforms, Twitter probably is the most instantaneous of all. With 140 characters to utilize, and a message that will breeze through your follower’s feed, there should be other ways you can leverage this powerful platform for your marketing needs.

Here are a few tips to boost your marketing on Twitter.

1. Track your engagement

Again, what can be measured can be improved. One way to understand which portions you can take advantage of or which strategies drive the most dialogue, one must keep track of your Twitter engagement. You can use various tools available online to measure and keep track of your interactions. What would help also would be tracking your engagement alongside your competition to make it even more effective.

2. Be consistent

Always be tweeting, because that’s what Twitter is for! Keep your vibe consistent and your message clear. The most important thing to remember when marketing with Twitter is to be consistent with your response time.

3. Be visual

If a picture paints a thousand words, then go use a picture! With only a hundred and forty characters at your disposal, a picture can make a huge difference. Now that vines are even more friendly on Twitter (they’re easier to search and are presented better both on mobile and desktop), leverage the power of these quirky images and give your message more life.

4. Leverage its limitations

The character limit for twitter can be quite tricky. Nevertheless, don’t let it hinder you from getting your message across. The pattern with Twitter has become that people have infused more wit to their tweets because of the limit. It gets your message across more directly and allows you to explore modes of communication you might not have considered before.

5. Use hashtags

Keep in tune to relevant discussions through the use of hashtags! Hashtags track dialogue under a certain topic. A pound sign after certain keywords goes a long way for tracking and being found by people who care about similar things as you.

6. Engage

Social media is social. You can’t always be broadcasting without responding to mentions, favorite-ing, or retweeting other people’s posts. Engage with the people within your circle by simply clicking on the heart icon, giving them a bit of your thoughts on things they post and making sure to keep the conversation going and open.

7. Ask for some love

Don’t be afraid to ask for some love in Twitter by asking your followers to share or retweet your stuff. You’ve worked hard for it, go ahead and share it. It’s a waste of effort if no one gets to relate to what you have to say.

Twitter is dynamic in nature. There’s new content almost every second. You can share photos, videos, and GIFs, and messages a hundred and forty characters long. It’s definitely a challenge. But it allows you to explore even more creative ways of getting your message across. Stay in the loop, continue to be relevant. It’s competitive out there, so you best be on your sturdiest battle gear.