The Internet, when used appropriately, can become the most non-divisive tool in the world. It can bring people together to fulfill a mission or to just help someone in need. Today we have 10 instances where the Internet was a vessel for acts of selflessness and kindness.

1. Changing a Homeless Man’s Life

Magic of Rahat, a youtuber whose specialty was on drive – thru pranks one day decided to prank a homeless man named Eric with a winning lottery ticket. Eric has been trying countless times to win the lottery at a convenience store. Rahat gave him a ticket and he won! Although it was a prank, the cash was real. Since the winning ticket was Rahat’s, Eric decided to split the cash with Rahat saying that he will take what he feels to be enough for himself.
Rahat later on sets up a fundraiser for Eric and ends up raising more than 40, 000 dollars. He gets Eric his own home and divides the money to useful partitions for Eric to live a productive life.

2. Throwing a Pizza Party for a Child Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment sucks especially for two-year-old Hazel Hammersley who was getting treated for neuroblastoma tumor. In her cramped hospital room, they have learned to make the most of their time by using masking tape to tape on the window the words “SEND PIZZA RM 4112”. Someone saw it and posted it on Reddit. Two days later, a pizza party began at Room 4112 at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

3. Birthday Tweets for Husband

Your birthday is probably one of the best days in the year. A lot of love is given and received and it’s just full of good vibes and good wishes. Which is why when you receive a bunch of tweets from strangers, it should feel like the happiest day in the world. @thegaryham was turning 32 when his wife, Jennifer Hamilton plastered a poster all around the city for people to tweet his husband on his birthday. People sure did and it probably was one of the most heart-warming days of his life.

4. Saving a Paralyzed Man

One day, Peter Casaru woke up with a life-threatening spinal spasm. This paralyzes him from the waist down. He lived alone and his phone was dead. Luckily, he was able to post a status on Facebook which was no easy feat. Peter had to crawl for an hour in order to ask for help. Luckily, help arrived within 20 minutes and saved his life.

5. Saving a Life

Teenage suicide is a rampant occurrence and one not to be taken lightly. When your 16-year-old friend sends you a private message regarding his plan to kill himself, one must find help. Although the boy was from Oxford and the friend was from Maryland, through the British embassy in Washington DC, authorities were alerted regarding this boy’s impending suicide. The officers had a bit of a trouble locating the house but the boy was found in a drug overdose in time to save his life.

6. The Time the Internet Cleared a Riverbank

Biking on the way to work is a leisurely activity but when you bike by a filthy riverbank, it’s not as pleasant. Imgur user PigsWeGetWhatWeDeserve decided to pick up a bagful trash from the river everyday. This takes him a half hour everyday and slowly, a significant stretch of the riverbank went clear. He then posted this movement on the site and encouraged people to do the same. Safe to say that the Internet saved a riverbank

7. #CardsForJared

Jared is a man who has autism. He recently lost his father and his cousin, an Imgur user (TheCraziestCatLadyXX) wanted to comfort him. She called on the Internet saying how Jared loved mail and asked if they could help her out. #CardsForJared became a huge sensation and Jared was well comforted.

8. Caine’s Arcade

Caine made a whole arcade of games using cardboard in his dad’s autoshop. He loves it, but as time passed by, he realized no one loved it as much as he did. Until Nirvan came along and told the Internet how amazing Caine’s arcade is. Sure was a great day for everybody.

9. Looking for a Bone Marrow Match

Sisters Sam and Alex are driving across the country looking for a bone marrow match. When Sam was diagnosed with sever aplastic anemia, a life-threatening disease which requires a bone marrow transplant, and that there was no match in their family to save her, they took fate in their own hands. They drove across the country visiting college campuses and signing up for the donor registry. They haven’t found a match yet but they have saved 115 people by finding matches for others in the US with the same disease.

10. #VisitIbrahim

Ibrahim became paralyzed and bedridden after a car accident in 2013. He is stuck in the hospital with no family and friends as he waited for treatment he had no idea how to pay off. What happened after was amazing. He requested his Twitter followers to pay him a visit in the hospital but as miracles would have it, his tweet was retweeted 200,000 times. He gained enough exposure that people wanted to help him out financially which ended up to be enough to pay for his treatment.

With tales like this, it’s hard not to be hopeful for humanity. Once again, faith has been restored.